Community Engagement Associate

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | Civil Conversations & Social Healing | Full-time


The On Being Project is looking for a Community Engagement Associate to connect individuals and groups with digital resources and communities of support as part of our Civil Conversations and Social Healing team. 

The On Being Project is a non-profit media and public life initiative. We make a public radio show, podcasts, and tools for the art of living that explore the intersection of spiritual inquiry, science, social healing, community, poetry, and the arts. Through content, experiences and practical tools, we tend the human change that makes social transformation possible. 

The Community Engagement Associate (CEA) will be a key person within our growing Civil Conversations and Social Healing team. The team represents The On Being Project’s presence in the world as it inspires, calls forth and cultivates the generative values that contribute to social healing. We also accompany individuals, organizations and communities as they seek to engage the pressing moral and ethical issues of our time in the context of community and relationship. 

The CEA will manage the important first step in accompanying groups and individuals that are applying The On Being Project’s content. In addition to managing correspondence, they will also connect people who should know one another through introductions, and connect public inquiries to available support and resources elsewhere in our field. Internally, they will research and vet potential collaboration partners for our own social healing work.

This is a full-time position that will report to the Associate Director of Civil Conversations and Social Healing. This position may be remote, but preferred locations are Minneapolis, Washington D.C., or New York City.  

What you’ll be doing:

  • Respond to Inquiries:  Working alongside the Associate Director, the CEA will answer questions, address concerns, send resources, and regularly organize and hold calls for introductions, dialogue, and relationship building. As part of this work, the CEA must prepare for calls by exploring mission alignment, keeping records of communications, providing necessary follow-up, as well as researching and evaluating new resources and contacts.
  • Implement a “Plan of Care:” Striving to embody the wisdom of our grounding virtues, we seek to help the organizations and individuals that we interact with by further equipping them to contribute their gifts to the resilient change so needed in the world. The CEA will help foster this by responding to the unmet needs they uncover through their contacts with our community. Through generous listening, thoughtful questions and accompaniment, they will generate a “plan of care” with recommended listening, reading and resources. 
  • Nurture Connective Tissue and Collaboration: The team’s work to contribute to the landscape of social healing in truly additive ways will require strategic outreach, community building, and collaboration with organizational and institutional leaders, innovators, influencers, and changemakers that are working toward social transformation. The CEA will work closely with the Project Manager of Religious Life & Social Healing to support the implementation of this work by noting when inquiries align with the strategic areas of our work, suggesting and engaging in focused outreach with potential collaborators, and helping tend to ongoing communications and logistics with collaboration partners and project-specific service providers. They will also lend support during select public events. 
  • Document and Share Insights: The CEA will have the important role of providing insights into our community as the team seeks to use media, creative organizing, and strategic engagement in new and innovative ways to accomplish its work. They will also be a regular representative of the On Being Project to our listening community. As such, the CEA will help the team track all of its relationships and gain insight into our growing network by managing a database of contacts and resources, using our CRM tool to regularly log contacts and report on geographic and thematic trends. Additionally, the CEA will be attentive to the ways their research and insights can have inform the team’s collective work.


 Salary range: $45,000 - $55,000 annualized. (alongside salary, we offer a competitive benefits package)

Your qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Cultural competency that demonstrates an ability to engage people across ideological, cultural, and political differences
  • A self-starter who is able to successfully operate independently
  • Strong organizational abilities
  • Commitment to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion
  • An appreciation for and interest and understanding in the content produced by The On Being Project
  • Commitment to collaboration in the interest of the best possible outcome
  • Working knowledge of journalistic ethics and standards
  • Have at least some experience with:
    • Working within a community-based organization 


Please apply here by: Monday, March 2nd. You will be asked to submit a resume, references, and briefly answer the questions below (each in 250 words or fewer). We will review your question answers before we look at your resume. 

  1. Listen to the Teju Cole episode of On Being with Krista Tippett and describe some of the central themes you hear. What groups do you think might find this episode useful, and how might you imagine them using it? 
  2. Thinking about a time when you felt yourself to be part of a community, what did you and others do to help create a sense of belonging? And how did you see yourself and others wrestling with changes?
  3. Describe a time when you worked on a complex project with multiple relationships. What worked well for you and what didn’t?
  4. Tell us about a project you’ve seen where an organization found a way to engage their community in meaningful ways. What, in your opinion, contributed to the success of that project? Where was it limited or in need of improvement?
  5. What about the Community Engagement Associate role resonates with your experience? What about it resonates with how you’d like to grow?


About The On Being Project

The On Being Project is an independent, non-profit media and public life initiative. We strive to be a humane, high-performing organization. We are committed to cultivating our inner life as colleagues, and as an organization, to reflect the values we transmit to the world. 

The On Being is an Equal Opportunity Employer, where employment is based upon personal capabilities and qualifications without discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived race, creed, color, religion/spiritual beliefs, ancestry, citizenship status, age, cognitive/physical abilities, sex (this includes sexual orientation, gender identity or expression), marital status, military service, genetic information, arrest record, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local laws.